Waikiki’s Best 10 Nightlife Restaurants and Bars

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Oahu Island:  10 best nightlife restaurants/bars for Pupus(food-plated food/appetizer) & drinks in Waikiki, Honolulu – Including famous beach bars and roof top bars and NOT including luaus, dinner shows, cruises and nightclubs
As Tiki torches lit up and cruise ships sail, Waikiki is even more glamorous and beautiful from sunset into the night

Visitors and travelers with busy itineraries during the day come back in the evening to the vibrant night scene of Waikiki. Nightlife in Waikiki offers a completely different atmosphere and environment, and visitors will regret if they do not go out and experience the vibrant night energy Waikiki offers.  


Ala Wai Yacht Harbor


Hawaii night is more than just a luau and hula dance

Besides Tiki torches and bars with traditional Hawaiian thatched roofs, Waikiki has more to offer during the evening other than dinner shows, luaus and night clubs. Restaurants and pubs prepare for the evening for visitors and Hawaii locals. There are so many restaurants and pubs worth visiting for great food and entertainment. 

BEST No. 1

Duke’s Waikiki Barefoot Bar and Restaurant

Duke’s Waikiki
Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort 1st floor
2335 Kalakaua Ave #116, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 7am – 12:30am

An ideal vacation is often one that’s away from the busy city life. Sipping on a glass of tropical cocktail by the ocean and listening to the waves under a beach parasol sure sounds like a dream vacation. Walking on this sandy beach and looking at the vast sky and endless sea sounds dreamy. If this is your dream vacation, you must visit Duke’s Waikiki, where you can dine in barefoot on the beach. Duke’s Waikiki is named after the father of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku. There is no dress code for the restaurant that it is appropriate to dine at Duke’s in swimwear and no shoes. Duke’s Waikiki also boasts the best view of Waikiki Beach, and you will find yourself very close to the ocean and the waves. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor tables. The outdoor space on the beach is the hot spot in Waikiki as people can enjoy the most vivid view of the sunset while dining.  

A must-try item at Duke’s is the Hula Pie. It is the most popular dessert at Duke’s and made with macadamia nut ice cream on top of chocolate cookies and finished with whipped cream. Other popular dishes at Duke’s include Coconut Shrimp, Ahi Poke, Korean Sticky Rib, and Huli-Huli Chicken, as well as a variety of Pacific Rim and Hawaiian cuisine, including steak, lobster and fish. You can enjoy Duke’s even if not for a full meal, but for light snacks, craft beer and cocktails.

Features: 1st floor right in front of the beach in the center of Waikiki. Best natural scenery & sunset. Hawaiian flavor. Romantic / Casual / Hawaiian. Indoor / outdoor tables, family / romantic / honeymoon.

BEST No. 2

The Beach Bar

The Beach Bar
Moana Surfrider Westin Resort 1st floor
2365 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm

With dazzling and clear Hawaiian sky and picturesque emerald seascape in sight while sipping on tropical cocktails will ensure a great, laid-back vacation. The Beach Bar at Moana Surfrider Hotel provides just what you need. Moana Surfrider is the very first hotel to have opened in Waikiki in 1901 and is registered as a historic place on the National Register of Historic Places. The hotel is well-reputed as one of the most luxurious and iconic hotels in Hawaii.  The Beach Bar is located directly next to the hotel lobby on the ground floor. The restaurant stretches from the spacious terrace area to the beach. If you go in the evening, you will be awed by the dazzling sunset and coastline. 



One of the most symbolic features of the restaurant is the Banyan Tree in the center, which was not planted but moved to its current spot in 1904. White beach parasols surround the huge Banyan Tree at the restaurant.  The Beach Bar is also an oceanfront restaurant, and the views are spectacular.  Popular items are Fish and Chips, Flatbread, Poke, Nachos, Chicken Wings, hamburgers, sandwiches, and tacos for around $20. You can also just order drinks. There is a live piano performance every evening from 6PM to 9PM to create a more luxurious and relaxed atmosphere.

Features: Located in the center of Waikiki Beach, Offers specatacular scenery of the sunset, Hawaiian style. Romantic/luxury/casual/classic/laid-back/tropical/resort bar. There is no indoor seating. Lovers/Honeymooners/Couples/Families. Not ideal for large groups.

BEST No. 3

RumFire Waikiki 

Rumfire Waikiki
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel 1st floor
2259 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 11:30am – 11:30pm (Fri & Sat 1am)

Located on the 1st floor of Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, RumFire is a modern contemporary restaurant and bar that is approximately 7,000sq ft. RumFire faces the beach and is top-notch in terms of service and atmosphere. During the day, RumFire is more of a laid-back restaurant that offers startling views of the hotel’s beachfront and Diamond Head.  In the evening, you can enjoy the enchanting sunset and sparkling night view of Waikiki.  As the restaurant transforms into a lounge for the evening, it is a great place for hangout and entertainments. 



RumFire is divided into spacious indoor and outdoor. Menu includes casual dining items such as Fish Tacos, Kimchi Fried Rice, and tapas. On Friday and Saturday evening, the restaurant turns into a semi nightclub with DJs to entertain the crowd. There is a $10 cover charge on those nights. RumFire imports rums from Brazil, Jamaica and Caribbean and is known to carry most rums at 101 different kinds in the United States. RumFire also offers group seating, from cool, outdoor patio by the hotel pool to romantic cabanas and canopy tables right in front of the beach. Big or small group events can be arranged as well.

Features of RumFire Waikiki: Located on the beach. One of the best places to watch the  sunset. Hawaiian Flavor. Romantic/Casual/Modern/Chic. Indoor, Outdoor and Bar seating available. Discount for Sheraton Waikiki guests. No reservation necessary.

BEST No. 4

Chart House

Chart House Waikiki
1765 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: Mon~Thurs 4:30pm – 12:30am / Fri~Sun 5pm – 2am

Unlike the top 3 restaurants on this list, Chart House is located on the edge of Waikiki and not on the beach. Chart House is located in Ala Wai Harbor, which houses the most small boats and yachts in Hawaii. On the east side of Ala Wai Harbor, you have Waikiki and Diamond Head. On the west side, you can see Honolulu Downtown and Magic Island. The harbor view is just as charming and elegant as the ocean view the other restaurants in Waikiki offer. Chart House has been in business since 1969 and is considered one of the most romantic places to have dinner in Hawaii. 



One of the best spots to enjoy your evening in Waikiki, Chart House is better known for its bar area than the restaurant side. When you enter the restaurant, the left side is reserved for more formal dining service and the right side for bar and pupus. Some of the best pupus include Kimchi Fried Rice, Ahi Poke, Garlic Chicken and Oyster Shooter, which all go perfectly well with cold beer or wine. Chart House might remind you of your typical, romantic American bar, but the food is on another level. The menu items suit everyone’s taste. Another great reason to visit Chart House is for its nightly live band performances.

Features: Located at Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. Second-floor semi-indoor seating. Great location for the harbor and sunset views. Romantic/Casual/Hawaiian/Laid-back/Tropical. Particularly ideal for dates and honeymoon couples.

BEST No. 5 

Hula Grill Waikiki

Hula Grill Waikiki
Outrigger Waikiki Hotel 2nd floor
2335 Kalakaua Ave #203, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 6:30am – 10pm

Hula Grill is located on the second floor of Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, above Duke’s Waikiki. The restaurant gives you a great view of Waikiki Beach and the surroundings. The restaurant embodies Hawaiian flavors and topicality. Although you cannot dine in barefoot or on the beach like you can at Duke’s, Hula Grill offers better views of Waikiki and more romantic vibes. The restaurant is quieter and less crowded than Duke’s. Hawaiian color fills the interior. Enjoy live music and the ocean and Diamond Head views.

The restaurant is not in an enclosed space. If you want tables with ocean views, you must order main entrée orders. Otherwise, if you are here for light meals or drinks, you will be seated at the bar or middle section of the restaurant. Enjoy the traditional island cuisine transformed into a contemporary style with live music and ocean breeze.

Features: Located in the center of Waikiki. On the second floor with great views. Live music. 
Romantic/Casual. Ideal for families, couples and small groups.

BEST No. 6  

Mai Tai Bar

Mai Tai Bar
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1st floor
2335 Kalakaua Ave #203, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours:10:30am – 11:30pm

Mai Tai is a signature beach restaurant in Waikiki and is loved by travelers from all over. The restaurant is situated on the first floor of The Royal Hawaiian Hotel. You can see the entire strip of Waikiki Beach along with a clear view of Diamond Head. The theme for the restaurant is pink matching the hotel. Under the flamingo parasol, you can treat yourself to their delicious food. The breeze from the ocean and the gleaming sun make up a wonderful dining experience for visitors. Relish in the moment with a spectacular beach view and live music in the evening.

Signature drink at Mai Tai is the ‘Royal Mai Tai’. When the restaurant first opened in 1959, they served Mai Tais with original recipe. In addition to Mai Tai, their pink-colored Hibiscus Hefe Beer is also popular. The restaurant is known for their Nacho, Fish & Chips, Pizza and Calamari dishes.

Features: Located in the center of Waikiki. Beachfront. Bar/Restaurant. Casual/Lively/Outdoor dining. Families, couples, small/large groups. Minimum order required for Cabana seats.

BEST No. 7 – 덱 바 & 그릴 와이키키

Deck Bar & Grill Waikiki 

Deck Bar & Grill
Queen Kapiolani Hotel
150 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 6:30am – 11pm

Deck Bar located on the third floor of Queen Kapiolani Hotel provides a wonderful al fresco dining experience to hotel guests and visitors. Deck Waikiki’s décor reflects an urban lifestyle that is very different from many Hawaii-themed restaurants in Waikiki. Deck is also known for the close-up view of Diamond Head as it is located at the end of Waikiki. The restaurant connects to the hotel pool and is about 7900 sq ft in an open space.

The outdoor tables are decorated in al fresco style, so you can spend a pleasant time enjoying the cool Hawaiian sunset and refreshing breeze. Deck Restaurant is two blocks away from the beach, so it is not a beach bar, but it is a place full of Hawaiian sensibility as it is a place where you can enjoy the picturesque view of Diamond Head, the symbol of Hawaii. You can enjoy live music every night, so you can enjoy a variety of menus such as steak, pasta, lobster, hamburger, pork ribs, tacos, pizza, and Hawaiian beer with enchanting music melodies that resonate throughout Waikiki. The restaurant’s seats are wide and tables can be attached and set long, so it’s convenient for groups with a large number of people, and it’s perfect for group dinners or events.

Features: Diamond Head View, partial sunset view, 2 blocks from Waikiki Beach, third-floor hotel restaurant. luxury/hotel/romantic/casual/modern/chic/stylish/artistic. al fresco, family/date/honeymoon/individual & groups

BEST No. 8 – 부호 코시나 칸티나

Buho Cocina y Cantina 

Buho Cocina y Cantina
Waikiki Shopping Plaza 5th floor
2250 Kalakaua Ave #525, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 11am – 1am (Fri & Sat 2am)

Mexican restaurants are not as common as you would see in every corner in the US mainland. Buho Cocina y Cantina prides itself as the biggest Mexcian restaurant in Waikiki with a great view and al fresco dining. The restaurant is not your average typical Mexican restaurant.

enjoy a modern interior, a stylish atmosphere, and emotional tacos and emotional burritos. Pooh Boo, which means owl in Spanish, is a full-dining restaurant with a modern Mexican menu and bar. It offers Mexican drinks and food such as tequila, margaritas, and burritos, tacos, salsa, and nachos, but in a luxurious and modern atmosphere. and good service, it is a hot place with a stylish personality far beyond that of a Mexican restaurant.

Located on the top (5th floor) of Waikiki Shopping Plaza, Buho is about 12,000 sq ft al fresco restaurant. You get a nice city view of Waikiki and delightful atmosphere of both fine dining and lively restaurant. Later in the evening, the restaurant turns into  lounge/club scene with live DJs.  Maximum capacity is 280 PAX.

빌딩 숲 사이로 해가 질 때 오렌지색으로 물드는 하늘을 바라보는 것도 화려해지는 와이키키 스트리트를 즐기는 것도 모두 가능한 부호의 음식 셀렉션은 엄청 다양하다. 가격이 비싼 호텔 바들에 비해서 합리적으로 제공되어 가성비가 좋다. 부호의 인기 메뉴로 스모크 브리스킷 타코, 비프 브리스켓 파히타, 테킬라 갈릭 쉬림프, 피시타코와 구운 옥수수 등이 있다. 주말 저녁에는 라이브 뮤직 공연도 한다.

특성: 와이키키 중심.5층의 루프 데크 풀 레스토랑 & 바. 스트리트 전경. 모던/시크/캐주얼/스타일리시/대형/실내 테이블. 가성비 높음. 가족/연인/허니문/단체 이용시 적당

BEST No. 9  – 야드 하우스

Yard House 

Yard House
Waikiki Beach Walk 1st floor
226 Lewers St. L148, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 11am – 1am (Fri/Sat 1:20am)

야드하우스하면 호리병처럼 생긴 길고 큰 맥주잔이 생각난다.  23년이 넘는 전통을 가진 미국 내 유명한 체인 레스토랑 & 바이며 전체 80여 개의 지점을 가지고 있는 인기 맛집 야드 하우스는 펍 스타일의 전형적인 아메리칸 레스토랑 & 바이다. 빅 스크린 TV로 스포츠 게임도 즐기고 한잔하면서 저녁이나 안주도 먹을 수 있는 야드하우스 와이키키 지점은 50여 개의 상점과 유명 호텔들 그리고 인기 레스토랑이 줄지어 있어 번화한 비치워크 중심에 위치하는데 그 인기도는 상상을 초월한다. 저녁시간이면 한참을 대기해야 들어갈 수 있다. 야드 하우스에서 서빙되는 맥주는 140여 가지가 넘는데 맥주를 서빙하는데 4가지 크기로 서빙되며 5온스(141g) 12온스(340g) 16온스 핀트(453g), 그리고 32oz(0.5 야드 사이즈/45cm -907g) 이렇게 4가지 중에서 선택해서 주문할 수 있다. 가장 큰 사이즈인 45cm나 되는 긴 잔에 담긴 맥주 사진은 이 야드하우스의 아이콘처럼 유명하다. 천장에는 맥주를 운반하는 대형 파이프들이 달려 있어 맥주나라에 온듯한 느낌을 준다.

야드 하우스는 맥주 외에도 맥주 혼합, 크리에이티브 마티니 메뉴, 프리미엄 스피릿 및 엄선된 와인리스트를 제공한다. 야드 하우스에서 맥주와 함께 먹을 수 있는 인기 메뉴는 캘리포니아롤, 스파이스 참치롤, 랍스터 갈릭 누들, 타코, 피자, 스파이시 치킨, 그리고 다양한 햄버거가 있다.

특성: 와이키키 중심.실내외 좌석, 스트리트 전경. 모던/시크/캐주얼/스타일리시/대형. 가성비 높음. 시끄러운음악, 연인/허니문/작은 단체 이용시 적당, 대기줄 긴편

BEST No. 10 – 마우이 브루잉 컴퍼니

Maui Brewing Co. Waikiki

Maui Brewing Co.
Waikiki Beachcomber By Outrigger 2nd floor
2300 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hours: 7am – 11:30pm (Fri 12am)

하와이를 방문하는 또 다른 이유, 메이드 인 하와이 크래프트 비어. 하와이에서 생산되는 수제 맥주가 점점 세계인들의 이목을 끌고 있다. 모르는 사람도 수질이 좋고 기후가 좋아 그런지 하와이에서 생산되는 맥주는 청정한 자연환경과 트로피컬한 이미지와 함께 맛이 좋을 것 같은 생각들을 한다. 그리고 실제로 하와이 맥주는 맛있고 그래서 한번 마셔본 이들은 하와이 맥주 러버가 된다.  화려하고 활기찬 하와이의 밤. 맥주를 빼놓고 이야기할 수 없다.  그래서 명소가 된 마우이 브루잉 블루펍 레스토랑. 와이키키 중심의 비치콤버 호텔 2층에 위치해 있으며 건물 외곽에 파도의 움직임을 상징하는 움직이는 금속판이 있어 이색적이다.


실내는 435명을 수용하는 모던 시크한 대형 레스토랑으로 천장으로 대부분 천장이 높은 실내공간이지만 와이키키의 메인 스트리트가 바로 내려다보이는 전망을 가진 테라스와 이어져 뻥 뚫려 있어 레스토랑 전체가 시원하다. 이곳은 마우이브루잉 회사에서 제조된 맥주를 포함해서 36개의 맥주 탭을 가지고 있어 하와이에서 가장 긴 바(Bar)를 가지고 있어 유명하다. 테이블이 아닌 이 긴 바에 앉아서 맥주 마시고 즐기는 이들, 그야말로 전 세계에서 도착한 싱글 트레블러들이 혼술하거나 혼밥하기 좋은 곳이다. 2005년에 창립된 후에 마우이 브루잉은 하와이 최대 규모의 브루잉 회사로 하와이 맥주 산업 발전에 영향을 미치는 일등공신이며 세계 각국으로 수출되어 하와이 맥주 맛을 세계에 알린다. 인기 메뉴는 아히포케 타코, 피자, 피시 앤 칩스, 햄버거, 샌드위치, 치킨, 오징어튀김 등이고 매일 밤 라이브 공연을 해서 휴양지의 밤에 흥을 돋운다. 맥주가 주제가된 곳이지만 분위기는 캐주얼하고 실외 테이블들도 많아서 어린이 동반으로 가서 식사를 해도 무난하다

특성: 와이키키 중심.2층 실내/외. 스트리트 전경. 모던/캐주얼/스타일리시/대형. 가성비 높음. 가족/연인/허니문/단체 이용시 적당


  • 20명 이상 단체가 이용할 때 좋은 곳: 부호, 마이타이, 럼파이어, 덱 와이키키
  • 10명 미만의 소규모 단체가 이용하기 좋은곳: 부호, 마이타이, 럼파이어, 덱 와이키키, 마우이 브루잉 컴퍼니, 차트하우스
  • 휴양지 레스토랑 스타일이 아닌 젊은 감각의 한잔 분위기 아메리칸 레스토랑/바: 야드하우스, 마우이 브루잉, 부호
  • 허니문 혹은 커플들이 이용하기 좋은곳: 모두
  • 어린이 동반으로 이용해도 괜찮은 곳(단 좀 시끄러운 곳도 있다): 부호, 덱 와이키키, 비치바, 훌라그릴, 듀크 와이키키
    (펍 분위기이며 시끌벅적하지만 아이들 동반 여행인 경우 이 레스토랑/바들을 함께 들어가 식사를 해도 큰 무리는 없다)
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