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Paia in Maui

Paia is a hidden gem in Maui. This special place is known for its unique color scheme throughout and hippie style. Paia is also popular among surfers as a resting place. Paia boasts romantic and relaxing ambience. It is a great place to shop, eat and take photos.

Paia is the North Shore of Maui Island

Paia is a small town located 4 miles east of Kahului Airport. It is approximately 10-minute drive from the airport. Paia is a vintage town that has kept its colors and uniqueness. The place was originally big in sugar cane production and in the 70s, many so-called hippies moved here, and many changes took place.

Paia once thrived in sugar cane and pineapple farms. The town is filled with wooden heritage buildings from farm age. Many residents are previous or current farmers, hippies and surfers. Visitors to Paia are always welcomed and treated with familiarity at cafes, restaurants, art galleries and souvenir shops.

Paia is on the route to Hana Road, which is famous for a great drive. Visitors are strongly recommended to visit Paia as a resting stop.


Unique Features of Paia

Paia is a great place to relax and go with the flow. The geographic location is in the northern region of Maui and thus called the North Shore of Maui as Haleiwa is to Oahu’s North Shore. Paia is home to over 2,000 people and 800 households.  Pastel colors fill the town with diverse cultural scenes of hippies and surfers. The place is small, but you will not feel overwhelmed or overcrowded by other tourists. In fact, you will find it at peace and calming for the duration of your brief stay, which takes about 1-2 hours to tour Paia.

Baldwin Avenue

Baldwin Avenue is considered the center of Paia. Gallery, boutiques, surf shops, restaurants and cafes are lined around Baldwin Avenue. Vibrant colors and wooden structures of the buildings give a vintage ambience. Within a few miles from this road, you can get to Ho’okipa Beach, which is a renowned beach for windsurfing. It is a great stop to relax and enjoy the waves in Maui.


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